From the starting of NIFA, it has been working to fulfill the following objectives of this institution:

  • To develop, expand to continue the close relationship of the people of two countries.

  • Work together for the better development of our common religion, culture, art, language, literature and in the field of different aspects of human development.

  • To work in the field of global peace and brotherhood.

  • To exchange the visits and thoughts of the high-level personalities of two countries through meetings, seminars, socio-cultural programmes, trade fair and demonstrations.

  • To work together with India-Nepal Friendship Associations and other organisations having the common goals.


Future Plans

NIFA has its plan to work together with the people of India and Indian government to promote and develop our resources such as: water, hydropower, agriculture and tourism for the benefit of two countries. Also, NIFA is planning to motivate and attract the Indian pilgrims and common people to visit Pashupatinath, Swargadwari, Muktinath, Janakpurdham, Lumbini which are very famous places for both Hindus and Buddhists.

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